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Onshore wind energy

SMDI Advisory Group provides the following services for investors and developers:


  • conducting of environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedures for investment projects executed in the energy sector:
  • environmental impact assessment reports
  • Natura 2000 impact assessment reports
  • public consultations
  • environmental audits and analyses, environmental monitoring programmes:
      • noise and electromagnetic field analyses
      • property value and social impact analyses
      • ornithological monitoring programmes
      • chiropterological monitoring programmes
      • environmental inventories
  • audits of environmental documentation of investment projects 
  • strategic advisory in the renewable energy sector
  • advisory in the evaluation of offshore and onshore wind energy projects
  • trainings in environmental protection and social communication 
  • strategic advisory in the energy sector:
      • matching of business partners
      • introducing new investors, services and technologies into the market
      • legal advisory
      • professional lobbying
      • negotiations with relevant administration bodies
      • negotiations with ecological organizations

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