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SMDI Advisory Group introduces a new quality on the consulting market, based on the effective use of knowledge, wide experience and the guarantee of partnership between representatives of the investment sector, relevant administration authorities and society during the investment process.

The team of SMDI Advisory Group has several years of experience in environmental protection and energy sectors; both from the administration and investors/developers side.

The co-founder and owner of the Group Maciej Stryjecki, in the years 2001-2005 actively participated in implementing of the European environmental regulations into the Polish legal system and since 2005 have been establishing foundations of the Polish renewable energy sector.

SMDI Advisory Group specializes in carrying out environmental impact assessment procedures for investment projects, environmental analyses and audits, advisory services in the field of legal, economic and social aspects of investment projects executed in the energy sector, introducing new entities and technologies to the Polish market and lobbying.


SMDI Advisory Group is a leader on the national offshore wind energy market. Cooperates with Polish and foreign energy concerns interested in pursuing offshore wind farm projects in Polish maritime areas. SMDI Advisory Group is experienced in conducting of location and environmental procedures for offshore wind farm projects and in developing of investment strategies for the companies which are interested in entering the Polish offshore wind energy market.


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